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About the Author

Heathen Blodharn has been walking the path for more than 30 years.

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About the book

Sovereignty: the Empirical Path of Odhinn

Cover of 'Sovereignty: the Empirical Path of Odhinn'

SOVEREIGNTY is the substantial synthesis of all potential and possibility, absolute dominion over innate ability, and the attainment of an equillibrium which balances Intellect, Impulse and Instinct so precisely that a superior state of spirituality is achieved.

SOVEREIGNTY is the Empirical Path that Odhinn, himself, forged for those with the fortitude to follow; it is a spiritual philosophy that enhances what modern adherents refer to as Odinism and serves as the next step in a great Tradition spanning thousands of years before any form of monotheism.

SOVEREIGNTY is at once empirical and existential, synthesizing science and spirituality in a way that explains existence, not just the mundane living simply to be alive, but the perpetual pursuit of Higher Purpose that results in Eternal Existence.

SOVEREIGNTY serves as a template for theomorphism, the transformation of man into God.

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About the Author

Heathen Blodharn

Photo of author Heathen Blodharn

Heathen Blodharn has been walking the Path for more than thirty years, has both the education and experience to write with expertise, and his devotion to the Gods and Goddesses is unwavering, as is his desire to awaken Folk to their beauty and brilliance.